Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I created this this simple interactive flash illustration in class today. Just drag your cursor over the name tag on the box and click on it to see the animation.

This was my first attempt at using Adobe Flash- I'm excited to learn more!

If the image isn't loading in blogger,  CLICK HERE. This should open it in another window.

If you still can't see the image, try opening the page in a different browser (Google Chrome works) and make sure you have the free Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

Lesson Learned: Don't try to draw in Flash- the illustration tools are no good. Do the drawings in Illustrator and then import them into Flash to animate.


  1. That was so cool!! Heidi you are so talented. We love to see what you are doing. Have a Happy Day and many more!! Love, G. and G. Winters