Monday, January 31, 2011

CFD2 Final Project

For my final project for my Clothed Figure Drawing 2 class last semester, I had to dress a model, shoot photo reference, and complete two drawings of a character from the photo reference I shot. We were required to have half-lock folds, a diaper fold, and pipe folds in the drawings somewhere. I used my wonderful husband as a model, and he was nice enough to let me turn him into a total slob for my character assignment.

Here are the drawings of my character, Sloppy Sam:

Lesson Learned: Be creative- a costume and some acting can really help transform your model into a totally different person!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Illustration 2: Editorial Portrait

Here is an editorial portrait that I painted in watercolor for my Illustration 2 class last semester. 

We had to pick a person whose story we wanted to tell in an illustration, and I decided to illustrate my lovely Abuelita Nilda. I depicted her when she was younger, using a few old photos as references to come up with this portrait. She stands in front of a Peruvian flag, representing where she comes from. The condor flying out of the flag illustrates her rising above the challenges that she faced during the war in Peru and staying strong and persistent as she helped her family immigrate to safety in the United States. She is one of the strongest and most inspiring people I know, and I am so grateful for her shining example of strength.

¡Te quiero mucho, Abuelita!

Lesson Learned: If you paint what inspires you, not only the result but also the process will be beautiful and rewarding.