Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monkeys with Maracas... and a Tip for Procrastinators

For my latest Decorative Illustration assignment, I had to create a general occasion greeting card. I decided to do a birthday card for kids.

Here are the designs for my little dancing birthday monkeys:

Lesson Learned: Digital illustrations are way faster than traditional for simple illustration styles like this. When I did my initial sketches and color comps for this assignment, I had not decided yet which medium I wanted to use for the final illustration. When it came time to do the final, I was running low on time, so I decided to do it using Adobe Illustrator. This made it so much faster because I could alter the colors and shapes quickly and easily as I went along, and it could be printed quickly without having wait for anything to dry or having to scan the artwork. 

My advice to all: For short deadlines, GO DIGITAL!

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