Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Illustration 2: Bag Design

(This blog update is a bit late, since this project was assigned at the end of September and due the first week of October.)

My second assignment in my Illustration 2 class was to create an illustration for a shopping bag for a particular type of store. The weekend after the project was assigned, I spent the weekend with family in Monterey. My inspiration for this project came when we visited a giant candy store in the Tin Cannery Outlets near the Monterey Bay Aquarium. When we entered the candy store, little Rulon was completely overwhelmed by the countless barrels brimming with delicious candies of every kind, and I captured his priceless expression on my camera.

When I was flipping through my vacation photos later, I was so amused by this photo and that hilarious expression. Rulon looked completely entranced by all of the candy in the room. So, I decided to design my illustration around the concept of a child being hypnotized by colorful, yummy candies and ended up with this fun watercolor illustration.

Lesson Learned: Though planned, posed reference photos can be great, sometimes the best reference comes from everyday events and spontaneous incidents.

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